Waivers for open access fees for JISAKOS Authors

ISAKOS, through Editor in Chief Niek van Dijk, provides waivers to recruited authors in special issues commissioned by ISAKOS committees. In addition, the Editor in Chief may provide a waiver to an author for a special type of article, such as the "State of the Art" article. Please contact the editor at: c.niekvandijk@jisakos.com.

If you genuinely can't afford the fees to get your article published open access, then individual waiver requests are considered on a case-by-case basis by Elsevier and ISAKOS and may be granted in cases of genuine need.

Priority for this waiver program is given to applications by authors from countries eligible for the Research4Life program.

Elsevier works with institutions and has funding body agreements that may cover the cost of your author APC in JISAKOS, as well as help you comply with the open access requirements of the major funding bodies. Please review the list and click on your country or institution to see if JISAKOS author fees are covered in the agreement.

If you receive a waiver code from the Editor, which is a long unique string of numbers and letters, please copy and paste the code into the rights and access form. you will receive an article link from Elsevier to the Rights and Access Form, after your paper has gone through the peer review process, and you have received the decision that your paper was accepted by JISAKOS. Please insert your unique code in the box in the form that requests a discount code.

Waivers for open access fees for JISAKOS Authors

Still have a question? We can help! Contact us via email for the quickest and easiest resolution to your question. Select contact reason 'After Publication' then 'Open Access'. Please be sure to provide all requested details and as much information as possible. Taking these steps will ensure your question reaches the team to best support you.