Research4Life Waivers

Research4Life is a global collective name for 5 programs that provide developing countries with free or low-cost access to academic and professional peer-reviewed online content. It also enables authors to publish for free, or at a deeply discounted rate, in open access journals.

Authors in countries identified by the World Health Organization have published using the Research4Life waiver (100% discount) and a 50% APC discount in Elsevier journals.

When authors upload their paper into the submission site for JISAKOS, they must answer if they are affiliated with an institution and identify their country location; this data is recognized in our submission site and automatically applies a discount or waiver to your paper.

Once an author’s paper has completed peer review, and has been accepted by JISAKOS, then the corresponding lead author will receive a hyperlink from Elsevier to OACS (online author communication system) which will indicate to the author if there is any APC charge for the paper.

This means that all authors who are eligible for a Research4Life waiver or 50% discount, then automatically see text in the rights and access form about the APC waiver or discount depending on the author eligibility criteria.

Author Pricing in the system:

  • Waiver (100% of APC is waived): Corresponding author and co-authors must be all from a Group A country institution
  • 50% APC discount: Corresponding author and co-authors must be all from a Group B country institution
  • 50% APC discount: Mix of authors from group A and B countries

Watch the Research4Life Video here